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Unique, field proven solutions to heal sick palm trees

Palm Pak Palm Rescue. Palm Paks are a multipurpose treatment protocol for palms that are suffering from serious nutritional deficiencies or that are at an advanced stage of a treatable disease. In our long experience treating diseased and severely deficient palms, we have found that in advanced cases, treatments applied to the soil/root system or to the fronds often times do not solve the problem. In advanced scenarios, these application methods often fail because of an inability to reach the infected or deficient tissue with high enough concentrations of micro nutrients and/or disease eradication agents to affect a solution quickly enough to save the palm and return it to good health. We developed our Palm Paks for these kinds of scenarios.

Palm Paks allow us to introduce concentrated levels of disease control agents and micro nutrients directly to the root trunk interface. Employing naturally occurring conduction, our method allows us to distribute high concentrations of soluble products throughout the entire conductive system very rapidly. By bypassing what is often a damaged root system, we are able to get directly to the heart of the disease or deficiency issue while also initiating specialized site work designed to physically rehabilitate weak root systems. This combination of internal intensive care and external rehabilitation brings about a swift reconciliation of issues. We return the palm to good health and set up circumstances where the palm will be better equipped to deal with whatever the environment may inflict upon it in the years to come. While we cannot fix issues where no treatment exists, if the issue is treatable, we will identify it, formulate a solution and then treat the palm to get it going in the right direction.

If you have a seriously ill or nutritionally deficient palm that you love and hope to save but have not found anyone who can actually correct the issues; call Groundworks and ask for the Palm Doctor. If the palm can be saved, we can save it. It's what we do, we take pride in our abilities and we absolutely love our palms.

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